The Owners


About the Owners: Chuck & Stacy Alvarez

Chuck Alvarez has been performing music as his profession since age 18. He has played his music around the world. He also has a long list of accolades from co-writing songs with Michael McDonald, The Emotions, & many talented artists, lead guitarist on a Grammy nominated album and a musician for several Grammy winning bands, USO-MWR tours,  writing a dozen musicals, recording 4 albums (with two more on the way), producing albums for local artists, film & radio play, including a recent interview on NPR radio.

Stacy Alvarez has danced since she was five and has been a gymnastics teacher since she was 17. She was a successful competitive gymnasts on the Elite training team at SCATS. In college she took dance and guitar lessons focusing on dance. She took her dance to a professional level for many years. Coaching competitive gymnastics was her main career. Stacy later went on to traveling around the world with a  professional magic show. Between travels she danced with the world renown Dance Company Diavolo Dance Theatre directed by Jacque Heim as well as a few other avant- garde groups, all the while teaching gymnastics.

Both of Chuck and Stacy attended Jr. Colleges to study their artforms. Later in their careers (before they even knew each other) they attended UCLA and furthered their education.

They continually look for avenues to grow as artists and grow their community of San Pedro, the town Chuck was born and raised in and the port where Stacy’s father planted his business for 30 years while she was growing up.

Chuck and Stacy thought a brick and mortar business would serve the community best. Through the recognition of an apparent need and with the encouragement of the community, our school was born. It was an idea in 2015  and now Flipside Gymnastics, Music, & Dance School is flourishing thanks to the support of the entire community.