We love our families and safety is always our main concern. Our mission is about safety; emotional, mental, spiritual, & physical. Any individuals veering from keeping Flipside a safe harbor will be ask to leave.

  • All participants must sign a waiver.
  • Wait for your teachers to call you onto the floor or into the studio room.
  • If it’s a safety issue, please redirect your child (or any other child). Otherwise,  please respect our teachers by not instructing your child during class time.
  • Only students who are enrolled in class may participate. No siblings on the floor.
  • Please supervise siblings and friends who are waiting in the spectator area.
  • Breaks and water breaks are determined by teachers. No running in and out of learning spaces on students own volition.
  • Absolutely no shoes on the gym floor.
  • No one allowed under pianos or soundboard area.
  • Do not touch lightboard.
  • No lewd conduct, swearing or socially unhealthy or unacceptable behavior allowed.
  • Please drop off your child close to class starting time and be prompt when picking them up. We understand emergencies. Please call if this is the case. Sometimes the younger students get worried.