Make-Up Policy

Make-Up Policy

We cannot guarantee make-up lessons

However, if there is space available in another class of appropriate developmental age and level we will be happy to try our best to accommodate a make-up class for you. Again, it is not guaranteed.

If there is a space available, all make-ups MUST be scheduled with THE FRONT DESK and completed within 90 days of the absence.

Please do not schedule make-ups with Stacy.

You can call 310-971-4463 or email

  1. You may schedule the make-up class prior to or after the day your child will be absent if there is space available.
  2. If you schedule a make-up appointment and do a “no show, no call”, that makeup lesson is forfeited.
  3. Make-up lessons must be made on a different day and time from the student’s class that they are enrolled in. In other words, we do not roll over classes to the next month and then prorate the tuition. (Parents ask us this quite often.)
  4. If you are enrolled the following month, you may still schedule your child’s make-up from the prior month. Basically, as long as your child is consecutively enrolled and there is available space, you can try to schedule a make-up class.
  5. Enrollment means tuition is paid in full for the entire month and the student has a current liability waiver signed with Flipside Gymnastics.
  6. We do not roll over missed classes. (Sorry to have to repeat)
  7. Once your child is unenrolled, all make-ups are forfeited and will not be honored upon re-enrollment.