The Mission

The Heart of the Business

Flipside Gymnastics, Music, & Dance is a safe place to grow healthy minds and bodies from the inside out and upside down through the arts.

Everything we do supports this mission. The mission is our beacon. Gymnastic, music, & dance are the vehicles which we use to achieve our goals.

We offer Gymnastics, Music, & Dance Lessons for Children and Adults. We also offer songwriting & fitness classes. We have many camps, workshops, and special events throughout the year.

Flipside staff members are comprised of highly trained and knowledgable teachers and administrators. They are constantly planning and working hard to make sure that students experience the growth they need from each lesson they take.

Our teachers have many certifications in their field of expertise as well as many years of professional performance experience in their individual genre of art. The diversity of our staff’s experiences is definitely one of our strengths. They are a powerful group of people and we feel fortunate to have this staff.