Children’s Gymnastics and Developmental Movement

We are a grassroots heart-based movement school. No matter how technological the world becomes, we want to let the community know that we place our highest value on healthy relationships.

Functioning in a fast-paced world of head-based learning, shopping, and socializing, we will be using online technology to assist us in our business.

This being said, we want to meet our community. Your families are important to us. We want to know each one of our family members and hope that our families will get to know each other as well.

How To Enroll

There will be a link here to enroll for classes when we re-open. If you need any help with enrollment, you can come in or call and we will help you!

We are located in the beautiful Port Town of San Pedro.

Location Pending
310-971-4463      FSGsanpedro@gmail.com

“The fitness and flexibility class has helped me so much. I have become a better gymnast because I have been consistently going to this class since it first started at Flipside. At first, I couldn’t even do a bridge, and now I can do a back handspring! Coach Jackie is knowledgeable, patient, and really nice.”