What to Wear/Dress Code

Gymnasts and Dancers
Attire has everything to do with safety and optimal instruction.

  • Dance, Gymnastics, & Fitness Students—Leotards, leggings, dance clothes, workout clothes, tight fitted shirts that stay down when the student goes upside down.
  • Gymnasts – No zippers or snaps, please. For safety no metal barrettes or hard plastic bling in hair.
  • For Safety: Gymnasts are barefoot, no socks or tights.
  • Hair tied back. Long hair in a ponytail or bun.
  • Jewelry off.
  • Please, only water allowed in the studios. We have a filtered water fountain available.


  • Always consult instructor if you are not sure about attire.
  • No typical street clothes, please.
  • Jazz, Ballet and Tap students are required to wear dance shoes.
  • Hip-hop dancers may wear sneakers. Modern dancers must have access to bare feet (Transition Tights are ideal).