There is a $45.00 one-time lifetime membership registration fee. The registration fee is separate from the tuition fee.

Tuition Price changes on January 1, 2023

All new students must pay the registration fee, However, if you paid a registration fee at Flipside before the world shut down in 2020, your registration membership fee is still good!

Monthly Tuition is based on 4 weeks per month. If there are 3 or 5 weeks we will charge accordingly.

We do NOT prorate the days you cannot come. The entire month’s tuition is due each month.

Tuition Payment structure changes on January 1, 2023

1 hour Class x 4$120.00
1 hour Class x 5$150.00
1 hour Class x 3$90.00
45 minute class x 4$90.00
45 minute class x 5$112.00
45 minute class x 3$67.50
Monkey Playground$75.00 pack of 4
Expires after 90 days
Middle School Class$120.00 pack of 4
Expires after 60 days

10% off lower priced 2nd class or lower priced 2nd sibling’s class.

  • Sign up anytime. There is no contract.
  • Everyone must sign a waiver to participate.
  • All fees must be paid in full prior to taking a class.
  • We do not hold spots. 1st come 1st served.
  • Paid monthly tuition guarantees a student’s enrollment in their chosen class for the month.
  • We are here at your scheduled time. Please be here too! We do not roll over classes.
  • Tuition for the following month is due on the last day of the student’s last class of the month.
  • We can keep your card on file. We will charge it by the 3oth day of the month your child is enrolled with your signed approval and permission.
  • If tuition is not paid by the last of the month, the student may be automatically dropped from enrollment for the next month.
  • We will prorate your tuition if you sign up mid-month to start up.
  • Class sizes are limited. Paid tuition students will have enrollment participation priority.
  • Trial Class: A one-time single trial class is available by appointment. The single trial class price is 1/4 the cost of a 4-week tuition for the class the student is taking. (No registration fee is required with 1st trial class.)
  • All enrolled students may drop in for an extra class for a single class fee (1/4 of a 4-week tuition) as long as there is space available. Call 1st!
  • Make-Up Policies